Andrea Pisac

Andrea Pisac

I'm a writer and anthropologist

I specialize in long form travel writing and cultural tourism. My specialties are slow/indie travel and green sustainable tourism.

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Things to do in zagreb walk zagreb cover article

Walk like a local in Zagreb

Foreign travellers and travel bloggers often ask me this difficult question: why should we dedicate our time to Zagreb, and how long is long enough to stay? As a local, I don’t always analyse why I love living here so much. I just do. But when I need to create a perfect pitch for Zagreb, I go for what’s most special: Zagreb is one of Europe’s nicest walkable cities. And I don’t mean only in terms of its size.

Travel to peljesac article

Things to do on the Pelješac peninsula | Travel Croatia

Pelješac is known for its lush emerald green forests and Plavac Mali vineyards. It has never been swarmed by tourists, attracting mainly nature- and wine-lovers. True, a large stretch of forest overlooking Trstenik is badly scorched. But Pelješac forest extends much further. And regeneration has already begun, with wild animals returning to their habitat.

Travelling to find home article

Travelling to find home. Are you an in-betweener?

How often do you feel out of place in your home country? And do you carry that feeling with you wherever you travel? Oh, yes! So, we’ve met each other. Enchantée. The other side of the coin is that you also feel you’re the citizen of the world. You belong everywhere!