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Andrea Pisac

I'm a writer and anthropologist

I specialize in long form travel writing and cultural tourism. My specialties are slow/indie travel and green sustainable tourism.

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In Your Pocket - Croatia

Croatian Inventors: Great Minds from a Small Country |...

If there was an index to calculate a country’s inventiveness gene, Croatia would rank extremely high. This small country of no more than 4.5 million people has advanced the world in all major spheres of life. Croatian inventors have dreamed up ingenious abstract concepts and have also created hands-on solutions that we use in everyday life.

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In Your Pocket - Croatia

Green Zagreb: the look and outlook of the city

Zagreb's official colour is blue, but after a short walk through the city, you'll be dazzled by green. Lush parks and leafy squares pop around every corner, and streets, even those busy with traffic, are lined with trees.

Andrea pisac zagreb %281%29 article

Changing Zagreb, a New Croatian Tourism Hotspot: Interview with ...

Once overlooked by tourists heading for the more fashionable coast, it is now becoming a must-visit on the Central European circuit. Leading local blogger Andrea Pisac, from the award-winning blog Zagreb Honestly, tells us a little more about the changes in her city and the impact of tourism on December 19, 2016.

Medjmain article

Croatia Guide: Exploring Northernmost Međimurje :: Travel ...

The rolling hills of Medimurje are said to be one of the best white wine growing regions in Europe. The indigenous variety is called pušipel, but the locally grown chardonnay, pinot gris, gewurztraminer, sauvignon blanc and moscato capture the uniqueness of the sandy soil and its blend of minerals.

Dumain article

Take Five: Croatia's Dalmatian Coast Beyond GoT

The southern half of the Croatian coast—Dalmatia—has become a magnet for Hollywood A-listers and chart-topping singers. And since the Game of Thrones series, masses of tourists wander the spectacular Dubrovnik Old Town in search of King’s Landing. It’s hard to say which came first: Hollywood to Croatia or Hollywood-ization of Croatia.

One french waiter1 article

Getting into the rhythm of the Croatian language - Croatian ...

English speakers are often baffled with the tempo and mood of the Croatian language. Even when they master the complex word declinations and even worse verb conjugations, they stop short at the feelings level.

Imperatives are most puzzling. Where English uses sweet and languid prelude to direct or demand, Croatian is quick and almost abrupt. It’s hard to even count the number of times the English got their feelings hurt when hearing the imperative verb tense in Croatian.

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New York Magazine

Weekend Getaway — Zagreb — New York Magazine

With a flourishing street-art scene, a new wave of design pop-ups, and eye-catching museums, Croatia’s capital city should appeal to any art lover.

Timeout article
Time Out

Zagreb cafés: what’s on the menu

If you’re the sort of person who dives into a new place through food and drink, there’s a thing or two you should know about Zagreb cafés.

Kafić, Croatian for café, is a go-to place for drinks of all sorts. With their morning to midnight concept, they’re surprisingly avant guard with their drinks schedule. Coffee is served until wee hours just as spirits, like Croatian rakija, flow freely at the start of the day.

Andrea pisac zagreb honestly %283%29 article

Meet the Bloggers of Croatia: Andrea Pisac of Zagreb Honestly

The art of blogging attracts people from all walks of life, offering a variety of styles, opinions and approaches. For some it is a money-making venture, for others a hobby and for others a voice to the world. Croatia is proportionately underrepresented by English-language bloggers, but what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality - and in the case of Andrea Pisac - honesty.

Zagreb tango article

11 Ways Staying Put Helps You Become a Better Travel Writer

Instead of traveling far and wide, I challenge you to travel deep. You don’t have to wait for the perfect opportunity to hit the road before tackling the blank page – it’s time to write a travelogue of your home place. And if you’re a travel blogger settled somewhere for longer, embrace this downtime as a perfect opportunity to become a single destination travel expert.

Zagreb whale article

Zagreb: 25 Things to Know about Europe's Best Christmas Market ...

As voting for the top European destination of 2016 continues on January 29, 2016, TCN takes a closer look at the Croatian capital of Zagreb through the eyes of one of its top bloggers, Andrea Pisac of Zagreb Honestly.

Britanac toilet article

HRT: Gdje otići kad te 'stisne'

Andrea Pisac, kulturalna antropologinja, voli šetati Zagrebom. Svoje dojmove iz šetnji dijeli s drugima putem bloga Zagreb Honestly (Zagreb iskreno). Nakon jedne šetnjice sjela sam na kavicu na Britancu, trgu kojeg jako volim i u kafiću su mi rekli kada sam pitala za WC da moram koristiti javni WC na trgu, prisjeća se Andrea. Suprotno očekivanjima zahod je, zajedno s ljubaznom čistačicom, na nju ostavio dobar dojam. Priču je objavila na internetu. I time počela pravu toaletmaniju!

Elegy article

Honesty, Heritage and Sarma | The Voice of Croatia

Zagreb Honestly is a site that explains Croatia’s capital city to visitors, although long-time residents will probably find it intriguing as well. Writer Andrea Pisac, an anthropologist by training who left behind a career in academia in London, uses the site to present her home town in a very unique way, quite different from the typical tourist guides. She places particular emphasis on how “walkable” Zagreb is, recommending many often out-of-the-way corners of the city to explore.

Dvn andrea article

Dok bi svi u emigraciju, ova cura ostavila je odličan posao i vratila se u Hrvatsku

Nevjerojatno i sablažnjivo – djevojka je ostavila znanstvenu karijeru u Londonu, posao od dvadesetak tisuća kuna i vratila se u Zagreb. Da kondenziram njezinu priču u jednoj rečenici – pazi se svojih želja, mogle bi ti se i ostvariti

Zagreb itineraries featured article

Zagreb Itineraries For Travelers | Explore Croatia With Frank

We are really excited to share with you these two awesome Zagreb itineraries. This post is written by Andrea, a fellow blogger and Zagreb native, and it’s one of the best post we’ve published so far.
When a British friend – a true flâneur – visited me in Zagreb, I took him on the route where I’ll shortly send you. He had already seen much of the Zagreb tourist offer. But on our flâneurie, he couldn’t stop sighing in amazement, wondering why no one had told him about this walk.